The weekend right before Christmas break!

This past weekend was a busy one for the varsity boys. We started

Stop at Burger King with some of the Varsity guys

Stop at Burger King with some of the Varsity guys

our weekend by playing a game on Friday with Crow and we ended up losing after hanging in there the whole game.  It was a valuable lesson reminding us that we need to continue learning some important basics.. Then Saturday some of us on the varsity basketball team volunteered to go help Mrs Deck to move and had lots of fun!  She later thanked us by giving pizza and some desserts. We later went on and played against North Douglas high school and won.

Coach Schaak really wanted this win and we as players had to show him that we could do it! Now we all gotta get in better shape during Christmas break to be able to come back and do even a better job of winning games!

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Christmas Break Is Almost Here!!

Christmas Time

Its Christmas Time!!

A few weeks ago a group of students got together and helped decorate the campus here at Canyonville Christian Academy, which is a boarding school in southern Oregon. The students all seemed to really enjoy helping decorate with a little bit of messing around and having fun!  Later they all got to go to Seven Feathers Buffet for an amazing dinner!   Two days later, all the students left for Thanksgiving break and now we’re all back; but knowing Christmas is coming soon, all we can think of since we’ve been back is that we can’t wait for Christmas break!!!

Other news of interest:

This past weekend, here at the Academy, we had a Basketball tournament.  Our team the Canyonville Christian Academy Pilots (boys varsity team) did a great job and won the tournament!   Yet still every one is very excited to start their Christmas break.  Because we’re from all parts of the world, some of us are going back to our own countries, others are staying with friends here in America.

Christmas Break is one thing on everybody’s mind right now, that’s for sure.  Even though the weather is not that great, we’re all just WAITING for 19 days off during Christmas break!!

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CCA Soccer Team

Soccer team first in District

Last Friday on October 28th was when the Pilots managed to beat St Mary’s school from Medford. Now from a goalies perspective, a lot of things were going on. We all played a very good game as a team because no one gave up.

They had tried to score on us a couple times but we had dominated most of the game. We stayed in the game and finally during the second half we managed to score a goal. Which brought a lot of encouragement to the team, but we couldn’t afford to let them score any goals.

Coach Mike and Coach Payne kept encouraging us even though a lot of our players were injured.  St Mary’s also had a lot of close shots but they didn’t have many shots on goal, and as a goalie I was under a lot of pressure!   We had to stay focused which is what helped stay together and win the game. We also had a lot of fans that came to watch our game and we are very thankful that they came to support us.

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Soccer Game This Past Weekend

Canyonville Christian Academy went all the way to Medford to play Cascade Christian Academy. When we got there after an 1hr and a half of driving, it was cold and wet outside.

As a soccer team we are all committed to our team that whether it rains or snows we are going to play and play to win; we might lose sometimes, but as long as we’ve all played to the best of our abilities and worked hard we are proud of each other.

So we got there and played them on a different kind soccer field that we’re not used to and that was wet and after the first half it was still tied but we had dominated most of it. Then came the second half. We played and still dominated it but just could get the ball at the back of their net. We went to over time and it was still tied. Then came the penalty shoot outs and that is when they managed to score more penalty kicks than us and won the game.

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First Month A Long Ways From Home

A lot of American kids haven’t had the chance to go to boarding school; so they don’t have much of an idea of what boarding school is like.

My first few weeks at Canyonville Christian Academy were a time of thinking for me. This is when I realized that I no longer had my parents around to help with whatever I needed to do. I found my self having to do things like laundry, being on time on my own. No one really did things for me. It was my responsibility. I found out that alot of times if I didn’t do the right thing, I didnt have so many warnings like I did at home. Instead I just had to face the consequences right away.

That first month was when I learned the most. I learned how to live and get to know different people from all over the world. Since then  I find myself having to first think before making any choices and learning how to treat people right.

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Wednesday Chapel.

This Wednesday, we had Mr Jocoy as our chapel speaker at CCA CHAPEL. He talked about self control. No matter what, in life everyone needs self control.

Mr Jocoy talked about the story of Esau and Jacob. An excerpt of his sermon goes like this:

Esau had just arrived from hunting and was really hungry. So he went to his little brother Jacob and found him cooking a bowl of soup. Esau asked Jacob for the soup but Jacob told him that he would give the soup if only Esau traded him his birthright for his soup. Esau agreed. If Esau had had self control, he would have waited and got food from his father Isaac ; but instead he went for the soup right a way. If you want something so bad and you don’t have control your just going to try get it, but the whole point is to try have self control. Canyonville Christian Academy.

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Spiritual Emphasis Week…….

This week we’ve had a worship group from The Fathers house.

Today we also had a pastor and his wife from the state of Illinois Pastor Hal and Pamela Santos. He talked about the choices we have in life. Some of our choices are made by our parents when were still young, and some of the other choices we have to make on our own. What it comes down to is giving your life to Christ. You can be successful but without God you will always want more.

Everyone needs God. If you already have him; you need to pray that you keep walking in his ways. Mr Lovato also added saying that ” When you give your life to Jesus, you’re claimed as righteous. Not because of what you have done; but because you are his son/daughter now.

This week is going to get better and better with more groups of people we’re going to have here at Canyonville Christian Academy.

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